Monday, December 1, 2014

NaNoWriMo 2014: The Conclusioning

So NaNoWriMo is done and dusted for 2014.  I was really stoked for it at the beginning, and determined to hit the 50,000 word mark.  So how did I do?  Did I succeed?  Anyone who has read this blog in any depth will probably know the answer to that one.

No, I didn't make it to 50,000.  I didn't even make it close, really.  In the end I just cracked the halfway mark, with 25,000 words.  In one sense you could call that a failure, but I'm not going to take it that way.  Over the course of the last year I've been averaging a few thousand words a month, so I've done more than five times my usual output.  That's a success.  It may not have been the goal I set out to achieve, but it's still a pretty hefty total.

The best thing about it is that I feel like I barely had to make an effort at all (my favourite level of effort).  Once I started falling behind I started taking my laptop to work to write during my lunch break, and also on the bus.  Doing this I've been able to average 1,000 words a day with no trouble at all.  It's more than I was doing when trying to write at home, probably because there are fewer distractions.  Okay, there's the occasional drunk old man trying to get me to look up the news, but it's not quite as enticing as Castlevania.  Whatever the reason, I'm getting more work done, and that's cool.

The Lightless Labyrinth is currently sitting at around 70,000 words, and I estimate that I'm maybe two-thirds of the way through.  It's gotten much easier to write now that I've split my characters up and started killing a bunch of them.  I think I'll be done with the first draft early next year.

The Lightless Labyrinth -  17,235 words (69,214 total)


What I'm Reading:
She by H. Rider Haggard
Tarzan and the Golden Lion by Edgar Rice Burroughs
Anatomy of Games blog by Jeremy Parish
Thor: God of Thunder #1-25 by Jason Aaron, Esad Ribic and others
Guardians of the Galaxy #1-17 by Brian Bendis and others

What I'm Watching:
Walking Dead season 5
Game Center CX season 1

What I'm Playing:
Castlevania on the NES
Castlevania II: Simon's Quest on the NES